Easter Games For Kids Outside

Easter GamesThe most of the Easter Spring holidays. These holiday season is a perfect way to celebration and festivity. For instance, you can play the game of Freeze. Within this Outdoor Easter Game, players form an organization and a person is chosen as ‘it’. This individual touches the other player and also the person who is being touched becomes frozen. Now, this individual has to stand with their feet apart. And also the only way the person can become unfrozen happens when another player crawls under his/her legs. As well as in this way, the game continues until all of the players are frozen.

Outdoor Easter games provide a family activity beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt. The majority of the Easter games use basic supplies, which makes them simple and inexpensive to coordinate. The games also lend themselves well to indoor adaptations. This lets you move the Easter activities indoors should there be April showers and the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Outdoor Easter Games


Create a limbo bar from an old broom handle or similar long stick. Begin with the stick high and also have the children line up and limbo beneath the bar as music plays without anyone’s knowledge. Lower the limbo bar after each round. If your player touches the bar above or even the grass below (or falls!), that child has run out of the game. The last player remaining wins a chocolate or stuffed Easter bunny.

Obstacle Course

An Easter-themed obstacle course gets all its participants moving. Each player requires a spoon and either a hard-boiled egg or perhaps a plastic Easter egg. The players balance the egg around the spoon while navigating a hurdle course set up in the back yard. Suggestions for obstacles include sawhorses to climb under, Easter baskets to weave through and plastic eggs scattered on the floor that the players have to tiptoe around to prevent smashing them.

Easter Egg Hunt Variations

Provide a regular Easter egg hunt a twist to have an interesting outdoor game. One choice is to organize a treasure hunt rather than an Easter egg hunt. Produce a map with locations marked for various Easter treats. You might leave eggs, baskets or small Easter toys in every marked location. Include a larger basket after the treasure hunt. Another variation would be to write a letter on each egg.

Egg Heist

It is really an outdoor game that involves lots of running and shouting. Look for a wide open space and divide it on the middle. This is your playing field. On both sides of the field put down four plastic eggs inside a straight line. You then need to capture the eggs and produce them back to your side. When you cross the middle line.

Easter Egg Toss

This outdoor Easter game requires players to toss eggs backwards and forwards without dropping them. Any kind of egg works for this game, including raw, hard-boiled or plastic eggs. Real eggs, whether you boil them, can make a mess when dropped or tossed way too hard, adding a layer of messy fun towards the game. Pairs of players start close along with only a few feet between each person in the pair.


Kids Roller Skates

Roller SkatesCan roller skating benifit my child?

Absolutely! Teach your child the benefits of exercise with roller skating. Roller skating is not only a healthy activity, it helps kids develop motor and listening skills. Roller skating is also a great opportunity for social interaction between children.

Everywhere from The Presidential Active LIfestyle Award (PALA) to the Roller Skating Association International, you will find challenges, tips and a very long list of benefits from kids being active and staying that way for a healthier lifestyle. Roller skating is just an awesome way to do that!

A Great Girls Roller Skate

Chicago CRS 100

This roller skate pictured above is the Chicago CRS 100. This skate is rated a 4.6 out of 5 on Buzzillion’s website. It is also a Buzzillion Reviewers’ Choice Finalist for 2011. Why is this skate so great? Some of the key points that are brought up about this skate are the ankle support, the overall comfort and the fact that it is light weight.

The Chicago CRS 100 Girls skate is available in sizes Y12-5.0 and is priced as low as $29.95. This is an outdoor skate and is tailored for comfort, as it has a padded tongue with an additional ankle power strap on top of the lacing for that added ankle support.

A Great Boys Roller Skate

Chicago 105 Boys Skate

The skate that is pictured above is the Chicago 105 roller skate. This is also rated very high on the Buzzillion review site ranking a 4.6 out of 5. A few of the highlights of this skate include the fact that it is very durable, has great ankle support and is very comfortable.

The Chicago 105 Boys skate is available in sizes Y12-5.0 and is priced as low as $29.95. This is another outdoor skate crafted with comfort and durability in mind. You will find the same padded tongue with the ankle power strap on top of the lacing for additional ankle support.

The Skating Adventure Recipe

Serves: The Whole Family
Prep Time: 5 min

Total Time: As long as their little glegs can carry them


Roller Skates


Find a properly fitted helmet, skate and pad set for your child to wear while roller skating outside. Hitting their head or scraping up a knee is a sure fire way to ruin their experience and possibly make them not want to roller skate until they are much older.

Go over the key skating fundamentals like stopping, for example, and be sure to keep it fun. If it feels like too much work for a kid, why would they want to keep doing it for fun? Whether it is in your basement, driveway or around the block, if your child is well prepared, they will be certain to have a great time! Who knows, maybe you might catch the skating bug and take a stroll around the block with your tyke for some bonding time.

Roller skates are fun but when it comes to riding electric skateboards , it brings a new level of fun. You do require different skills to ride a electric skateboard but when you learn how to ride, it will be the best thing ever.


Treks Mountain Bike

Mountain BikeMountain biking is a sport that grows on you. A mountain bike trek is the more adventurous side of conventional cycling. Done on nature preserves and bike trails, this sport is pure haven for all cycling enthusiasts. Safety on a trek is primarily determined by the upkeep of your bike. An organized mountain bike trek is completely safe if supervised and expertly planned.
The basic and most common gear on a bike trek is a helmet. Mountain bikes are specially designed for the rough but great outdoors. All bikes are inspected and made sure to be ready for your trekking adventure.
Mountain bike treks are a very exciting activity that combines both exercise and recreation in an adventurous way. With the Trek Mountain Bikes, one will still be able to enjoy cycling in the rural area. As the nature preserves are opened and bike trails become available, Trek mountain bikes is the choice of more cycling enthusiast. The Trek mountain bike is also lightweight. For many people, mountain biking is exciting, green and often very expensive. All the major manufacturers advertise mountain bikes that appear to fill this need – ‘complete mountain biking at an affordable price’, with various different models on offer such as the Fuel EX 2010 range of Trek mountain bikes.
Giant, Orange, Orbea and Trek mountain bikes all have ‘all-rounders’ within their ranges which combine the latest suspension technology with great performance. However, as with choosing any bike, the same questions need to be asked: how do I want to use the bike, where will I use the bike and how experienced will I be when handling and controlling the bike?
Not only does this Trek mountain bike give a comfortable ride, it doesn’t compromise on speed either and it’s seeing superb results from the biking community. One company, Trek mountain bikes, is working hard to make the green bicycle even greener.
When choosing the components of the bikes, Trek mountain bikes’ designers plan ahead for their future use and recycling.
Trek mountain bikes have also pioneered a recycling programme on their bicycle tyre tubes.


Who Invented Softball?

SoftballAs we all know, softball is a popular sports in the United States as well as in other countries compared before when it was just an ordinary backyard game that kids play on a Sunday afternoon.  And over the years, this sports has become so popular with women that today, over two hundred and fifty seven thousand high school girls are playing softball.

But have you ever thought who invented softball?  How did it come to be?  And where is it so popular for people as a player as well as a spectator?

On Thanksgiving Day in 1887, there was a group of twenty men in Farragut Boat Club located in Chicago who gathered around in a gymnasium inside the building to listen to the broadcast of the Harvard-Yale football game.  When Yale was declared the winner, someone saw a boxing glove, picked it up and threw it at another man who, in turn, struck it with a pole.

George Hancock, who was often attributed to inventing softball, exclaimed the words, “Let’s play ball”.  And then, he fixed the boxing glove to make it look like a ball, drawn a diamond figure on the floor and broke off the broom handle to use it as a makeshift bat.  What went on was an unusual similar version of a baseball game albeit a smaller one.  eleven hundred and eleven years have passed and today, we consider that activity as the first ever softball game in history.  If not for Hancock who became fascinated with the game after its birth, softball may have died a natural death and it would not be as popular as it is today.  In fact, Hancock made the first ever ball used in the game out of an over-sized ball and he also fashioned an undersized rubber-tipped bat.  At the same time, he went back to the gymnasium to paint over the sketch of a diamond he had drawn on the floor to make it more permanent.  And then, he drafted the first ever set of rules of softball but called the game sport indoor baseball, which is more organized compared to baseball.  From there, its popularity grew among the people until it became as what we know today.

Hancock’s indoor baseball became so popular that a league was formed in Toronto.  And in 1897, the Indoor Baseball Guide, the first national publication about Hancock’s invention, was published.

In 1888, indoor baseball have been moved outdoors and players played this game on a small diamond that was known as the indoor-outdoor.  Because the game got so popular, Hancock wrote a new set of rules for the indoor-outdoor in 1889.

While Chicago may be deemed as the birthplace of softball, in 1895, Lewis Rober Senior who was a fire department officer in Minneapolis was brainstorming about an activity that can keep his men busy and at the same time, physically fit during their free time.  And so, he made this game that they played in a small vacant lot that was right beside the firehouse.  He named his version of softball as kitten ball.

Softball is very popular not only in the United States but also in Japan, China and Australia.  And as more years pass by, we can be sure that people from future generations would also love this very popular sport.


Adventure Camping Hideouts around Bangalore

CampingCamping is by far the most popular outdoor activity, enjoyed by adventure enthusiasts. The whole experience of walking through nature, being selective and choosing the spot best for pitching up tents, laying around and just enjoying the star spangled sky, sitting amongst the wilderness and staying warm by the camp fire gives the thrill adventure seekers look out for. For such an expedition, the more greener and hilly the surrounding is the better! Where else can you get nature at its best, other than Garden city, Bangalore!?

hideouts of Camping around bangalore:

From dense jungles to misty hills, from rocky mountains to aromatic plantations, Bangalore has it all. Each of the locations offers a host of accompanying adventure sports. Based on your preference, you can make the choice of location from the very many options.

Bheemeshwari – Cuddled up between the lush greenery and the clouds in the skies, this nature-lovers paradise adorned by sparkling streams, is an amazing camping site in Bangalore. A large number of birds and animals enhance the scenic beauty on this place.

Chikmagalur – The highest mountain range in Karnataka, the Mullayanagiri is located in this famous hill station near Bangalore. This dwelling place for several species birds, make it an ideal place for camper on a bird watching trip.

Coorg – Fragrance from the tea and coffee plantations amidst misty mountains, green forests and sparkling waterfalls, Coorg is a hardcore camper’s dream come true. Situated 252km away from Bangalore at an altitude of 1525 m above sea level, this hill station also offers a wide range of adventure sports activities like trekking and rappelling.

Kemmenagundi – Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and away from the dusty roads, Kemmanagundi, a single hill in the middle of a coffee plantation invites you to come over for a rejuvenating camping experience.  This hilly region is ideal for venturing out on a trek and trying your hands are jummaring and rope traversing.

Manchinbele – Located 40 km away from Bangalore, this is a small reservoir that is built across the Arkavathi River. A famous spot where few movies were shot, this serene place is a famous campsite. The terrain of Machinbele allows campers to go trekking and enjoy rafting along the river.

Want to have the experience of your life time, while camping in Bangalore? Check out our exclusive camping packages for a wide range of destinations which include a tempting range of activities for adventure around bangalore.

Best Party Bus Rates in Toronto

It is almost time for school to start again, and a bunch of friends are going to be leaving Toronto to go back to where they are pursuing their college degrees. This year, I want to make some particularly awesome memories with them before they leave and so I have decided to start planning a … Continue reading “Best Party Bus Rates in Toronto”

It is almost time for school to start again, and a bunch of friends are going to be leaving Toronto to go back to where they are pursuing their college degrees. This year, I want to make some particularly awesome memories with them before they leave and so I have decided to start planning a huge send off. To make the night especially awesome, I have taken upon myself to look up rates for rental of a party bus for Toronto area because I think that is the best way to make the night as awesome as possible.

Personally, I have never been on a party bus before, but I imagine that it can make a great night into a legendary night, and that is the goal that I have in mind. Continue reading “Best Party Bus Rates in Toronto”

Best Company for Party Bus Rentals

I should have probably researched this sooner, but I guess I have a tendency to procastinate and so here I am now trying to figure out if I can get a rental for a party bus next weekend for a reasonable price. That is assuming that there are any even available to rent. I am checking out this company, Toronto Platinum Party Bus, and I want to see if they might be offering what I am looking for, and actually have some available to rent on such short notice. I am not sure how far ahead people typically rent party buses, and actually, I have never even been on one, because I am pretty sure it was what I need to do right now. Continue reading “Best Company for Party Bus Rentals”

The Reasons Why You Need To Consider The Charm Of Luxury Holidays

In present times, one carries on with a fairly quick paced life and so as to stay aware of the pace, it is essential to enjoy a reprieve some of the time, which is the place, a luxury occasion comes in. The occasion can be, short one, or a long one, contingent on the time one has close by. Luxury occasions that one spends rely on a considerable measure on the sort of way of life that one has.

For explorers who adoration to go in style, a luxury travel office can do the trap. For individuals inspired by setting out to various nations and social event experience, there are wonderful luxury occasion encounters for them. Dealing with your littlest prerequisite to your financial plan limitations, the travel administrator helps you definitely. Regardless of what your prerequisites are, there is a perfectly customized visit occasions accessible for you. The luxury travel will take you to valid areas you had always wanted, dream shopping, languid snacks in eateries and meandering through the remnants of a disintegrated human progress. When you discover a trip, for example holidays to Maldives, that is both energising and pleasant, you’ll have the best of all universes readily available.

Regardless of where your creative ability takes you, there is an opportunity to take after your fantasies and enjoy a definitive travel escape destination. Mauritius holidays can be both relaxing and rejuvenating. Luxury travel destinations are relative, at last to your own meaning of the estimation of the experience. A well known occasion subject, luxury occasions offer a magnificent opportunity to appreciate a rich excursion alongside precious ones. Style, tastefulness, refinement and extraordinary area, those are only a percentage of the components of the properties of the occasions. From the mountains to the ocean, from the waterways to the lake, from the thick woodland to watching polar bears the travel administrator will satisfy your definitive dream. They guarantee to ruin all of you through your voyage a tiny bit at a time on consistent schedule remembering the luxury class you fit in with. Infrequently the quest for the fascinating frequently takes one to far-flung corners of third world societies thoroughly outsider to the guest as far as dialect, traditions, and behaviour.

The opportunity to learn and comprehend different societies on a travel are significant and to be gotten a handle on with both hands when accessible. The visit administrator as an luxury travel organization join solace and credibility well known for making destinations for you according to your decision. Arrangement an all select redid experience go to the world’s most noteworthy tropical grounds with them and rest will doubtlessly be history. Luxury holidays abroad at one of the intriguing global areas can be truly appealing and satisfying the same are the different offers and schedule modified according to your yearning. You will be obliged in top lodgings that suit the luxury and solace level you fancy. The travel administrator brings you relaxes that are rich in quality and in addition administrations. A gym, a spa, a colossal pool and a lounge area where devoted culinary specialists present gourmet cooking solely for you at one of the most stunning area is the highlight of the adventure.

7 Wonderful Things About Yacht Charter In Grenadines & The Entire Trip

Bored of land based vacations? Well, now you should try the sailing in the Grenadines, where you can explore the unspoiled marvels of earth that you never did in actual. Sailing in the beautiful Caribbean Sea is itself a memory of the lifetime and if a trip is planned for a vacation, then it opens up the opportunity to garner memorable experiences.
As you look forward to a trip on a yacht charter in Grenadines, there are so many things that you can actually witness throughout the voyage. While searching for boat rentals, you may come across the tour packages, luxury arrangements, etc. offered at different yacht charters, but the entire trip is far more than that.

The following gives a brief preview about what you can do or witness while on the trip.
1. Sailboat – First and foremost is the sailboat you wish to join on board. Instead of going by their beautiful appearance outside and elegant inside, focus on its maintenance and number of journeys. Obviously, the looks can be deceiving, but performance is gratifying.
2. Accommodation – In a yacht charter for sailing in Grenada, you can enjoy maximum comfort as offered by it. But, there is more to it when you plan to stay in the islands. Since, there are different boat rental companies that provide complete package schemes covering the accommodation arrangement in locations wherever you visit.
3. Facilities – There are extremely expensive charter sailboats that feature so many amenities that can be counted even. Nevertheless, the normal yacht charters have it all minimum facilities for a comfortable voyage in there and that may be with the food provisions, internet facility, etc.

4. Voyage – Coming to your main motive of boarding the yacht charter in Grenadines is completely an explorative trip. You can be the wanderer to find the delightful turquoise waters, hidden anchorages, magnificent vistas and lots more! If possible, you can learn to sail as well and create a unique memory.
5. Excursions – After the sailing in Grenada, there is more waiting for you in the islands. The “island of spices” refers to Grenada, where you can view the picturesque landscapes, stunning sunsets, and participate in the festival activities too. This could be the moments that will be etched in your mind forever.
6. Food – What is a vacation without eating delicacies? Right? Once you get down to the island, move ahead for the restaurants to enjoy the scrumptious dishes popular over there. An unforgettable trip where you can go through the small bustling markets and bargain for fish and meat.
7. Activities – Another enjoyable part comes while sailing in Grenada is by participating in the fun-filled activities. For example, you can try snorkeling to see vibrant coral reefs and fishes in the crystal clear water. The professional crew can help with equipments and accessories for different activities.
Apart from these wonderful things in this entire trip, you can turn out to be a true voyager and live the fullest of this expedition.

Comprehensive Ranges Of Tailor Made Safari Tours For Holiday Vacation In Kenya

Do you want to see a new place on this holiday? Or rather you want to experience the thrill of exploring new places and meeting new people? One of the places you should visit, especially if you are on a budget is, Kenya. First hand, it’s one of the foremost country to experience across Africa. With the wild animals in their natural habitat, diverse landscapes, lovely climate, the spectacular country leaves no stones unturned to amaze you.

Wide Array of Scenic Sights in Kenya

Kenya, a mesmeric land beckons with iconic sights, wonderful tribal cultures and splendid natural wonders like the snow capped peaks of mighty Mt Kenya, the golden, grassy plains of Masai Mara, the pink blush of Lake Nakuru and the awe-inspiring annual migration of wildebeests; which are some of the delights waiting for your holiday vacation in Kenya.

Don’t Forget Big Five

When you are choosing safaris in Kenya, don’t miss out searching activity of the ‘Big Five’ in the Masai Mara National Reserve of Kenya, before unwinding yourself on the coastal areas of Kenya. However, going on a tailor made safari in Kenya can offer a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure and incredible views of wildlife.

Best Time to Visit Kenya

A holiday vacation in Kenya usually starts upon Arrival into Nairobi and thereafter proceed to the Great Game Reserves and National Parks of Kenya The most famous being Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, Tsavo West and Lake Nakuru and Naivasha.

Masai Mara is one of the most popular game reserves in the world. Being a home to the amazing concentration of wildlife, the Masai Mara offers a stunning backdrop of sweeping valleys, endless plains. Kenya is a year round destination for safaris and Beach Holidays but from the month July to November you can experience The Great Annual Wildebeest Migration can be seen in Masai Mara, when over two million Gnus and Zebras migrate from the Serengeti National Park to the Masai Mara crossing the Mara River.

Excellent Accommodation Facilities

We offer From Luxury Five Star Accommodation in Lodges and Luxury Tents and or in Budget Tents and Hotels.

Kenya is one of the Best Countries to see Wildlife. Apart from the Big Five in Kenya, you can also experience the Big Four like the luxury lodges, beautiful scenery, impeccable beaches and wonderful local people, during your holiday vacation in Kenya.

Early morning and Late Evening games drives in the Parks are most rewarding as the game is lively and fresh. A lion or Leopard out on a hunt, A Cheetah trying to catch a gazelle etc.

Choose Your Tour Itinerary and we will give you an all inclusive price, which includes Accommodation, Park fees, Transport etc.

However, your tailor made safari or Join-in Safari in Kenya must include most popular Game  parks such as Masai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park with Mt.Kilimanjaro in the Background , Samburu Game Reserve Tsavo West the Kingdom of Elephants, Lake Nakuru And Lake Naivasha for Birdviewing. No matter whether you’ve chosen to witness the Pride of Lions or the elusive Leopard huge herds of wildebeest, giraffe, zebra or simply interact with local people across the endless plains, you’ll never forget the time you experienced on your holiday vacation in Kenya.

Come and visit Kenya by choosing a Best Camping Tours, Kenya tailor made safari holiday and let your safari experiences be a part of your lifetime memories!