Best Company for Party Bus Rentals

I should have probably researched this sooner, but I guess I have a tendency to procastinate and so here I am now trying to figure out if I can get a rental for a party bus next weekend for a reasonable price. That is assuming that there are any even available to rent. I am checking out this company, Toronto Platinum Party Bus, and I want to see if they might be offering what I am looking for, and actually have some available to rent on such short notice. I am not sure how far ahead people typically rent party buses, and actually, I have never even been on one, because I am pretty sure it was what I need to do right now. A bunch of my friends, as well as myself, are going to a really awesome concert, or what we expect to be a really awesome concert, next weekened, and we decided that we wanted to rent a party bus to take us there and bring us back.

That way we do not have to worry about anyone having to be a designated driver for the excursion, and nor do we have to consider options such as renting a nearby hotel, and then calling taxis to pick us up at the concert after it is over, and then transport us to the hotel where we will be spending the next. Rather, it seems that is probably going to be cheaper to just rent a party bus for this purpose, instead of paying for a bunch of hotel rooms. Right now, the group of friends that is going to be going to the concert is at 18, but it could rise, because there are a couple of people that are still on the fence. I guess I will find out tomorrow if they’re going though.